Modern Classroom Mentorship Program

Let us help you bring your Modern Classroom to life!

A Course Built For You

All the resources you need to build your own Modern Classroom, plus:

  • One-to-One Virtual Coaching

    You'll be matched with one of our expert educators for 3 hours of personalized consultation. Ask questions, get advice, and learn from a teacher who knows what really works.

  • In-Depth Expert Feedback

    Submit your teaching materials through our online platform, and receive detailed feedback on each assignment. They'll be ready for your students in no time.

  • Certified Credentials

    Upon completing the course, you'll be eligible for Continuing Education Units, graduate credits and certified micro-credentials from Digital Promise
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What Educators Say:


Science Teacher

"If I could tell teachers about this training, I would tell them DO IT... RIGHT NOW. Your thoughts about and methods of teaching will change forever."


Math Teacher

"The best teacher PD I've done. It was relevant, practical, and I actually built things that will make me a better teacher in the PD. I feel totally comfortable rolling out a blended, self-paced, and mastery-based curriculum tomorrow."


English Teacher

"It was fun, productive, empowering, invigorating & really got me excited about the coming school year. All PD's should be like this!"

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Our Proven-Effective Curriculum

  • 1

    Your Modern Classroom Starts Here

    • Welcome!

    • Mentor Pairing Survey

    • The Student Experience

    • Reflection: Your Modern Classroom Starts Here

  • 2

    Creating High-Quality Blended Instruction

    • Why Blend Instruction?

    • Creating Instructional Videos

    • Increasing Video Engagement

    • Assignment #1: Your First Instructional Video!

    • Learning Management Systems

    • Reflection: Creating High-Quality Blended Instruction

  • 3

    Designing Effective Self-Paced Structures

    • Why Self-Pacing?

    • Lesson Pacing & Classification

    • Progress Tracking

    • Classroom Organization

    • Collaboration

    • Motivation

    • Assignment #2: Your Plan for Self-Pacing

    • Reflection: Designing Effective Self-Paced Structures

  • 4

    Teaching and Grading for Mastery

    • Why Mastery?

    • Assignments vs. Mastery Checks

    • Assignment #3: Your Mastery Checks

    • Revision & Reassessment

    • Metacognitive Reflection

    • Assignment #4: Your Plan for Revision, Reassessment, and Reflection

    • Reflection: Teaching and Grading for Mastery

  • 5

    Reflecting and Preparing for Launch

    • Culminating Assignment: Your Final Unit Plan

    • Sharing with Your School Community

    • Reflection: Modern Classroom Mentorship Program

    • Next Steps for Modern Classrooms