Great teachers meet every student's needs.

But it's exhausting. Sometimes it feels impossible. Even the best teachers feel burned out at times.

There is a better way.

Our team of educators has developed a set of research-backed, classroom-tested practices, that you can use to meet your own students' needs -- starting today.

We've put everything we have into this course, and thanks to our generous donors, it's all completely free.  You'll find exemplars, templates, tutorials, and more - but no paywalls.

You'll enjoy teaching more, help your students learn more, and advance education itself. What are you waiting for?

What You'll Get

  • Actionable Strategies

    We've read the research and identified the steps you can take, starting today, to meet every student's needs.

  • Engaged Community

    Over 60,000 educators worldwide have taken this course.  Join them in building the classrooms of tomorrow.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Earn 5-10 hours of professional development credit by completing this fully self-paced course.

How We Benefit Educators

In partnership with researchers at Johns Hopkins University, we surveyed educators from our online courses in early 2021. Here's what we found:

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The Course Journey

Everything you need for a Modern Classroom of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course applicable to me?

    We've trained everyone from pre-kindergarten teachers to law professors through this course, as well as principals, coaches, superintendents, parents, students, and other interested stakeholders.

    The course is fully self-paced and we encourage you to move through it as best meets your needs.

    Ultimately, we encourage you to try it and see!  After all, it's free. 😎

  • Is this course really free?


    As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, we receive funding from generous donors, who make it possible for us to provide all of our resources full of charge. If you're interested in supporting this work, you can donate here.

    You will see throughout the course information about our premium supports for educators. These programs do cost money -- most of which goes directly to the educators who help us provide them.

    However, there are educators worldwide who are successfully implementing our model without ever paying us a cent... and we are very proud of this!

  • How long does this course take to complete?

    The course is entirely self-paced - you can take as much or as little time as you'd like to complete it.  If you don't like what you find, you can leave any time.

    We do estimate that the course generally takes approximately 5-10 hours to complete. At the end of the course, you'll receive a certificate stating that you have completed an estimated 5-10 hours of online professional development.

  • Can I share this course with my school community?

    Of course! The course is open to everyone, and we encourage anyone who is interested to take it.

    If you are a school or district leader who would like to share this course more widely, please see our Free Course Guide, or contact us to discuss partnership options.

  • Does this approach really work?

    Try it for yourself and see!